Priyanka delivers baby

22nd September 2000


NEW DELHI: “Lets face it, the little Bambino’s a prodigy!” gushed the erstwhile Youth Congress president as he stepped down to make way for a yet unnamed candidate. Defending the party’s controversial choice, he said “Firstly, the kid’s awareness and concern for India’s problems exceeds that of any Congressman I know. Secondly, he is completely untainted by scandal and thirdly, his word-speed is comparable to the Prime Minister Vajpayee’s. Jeez, what more do you people expect from a leader? You guys are the limit!”

Predicting a clean sweep for the Congress-I, he added, “Last time we bored the hell out of the electorate with the same old talk about secularism , stability, blah blah blah. Next time round we will capture the public imagination with Farex, baby oil and pampers.”

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