NEW DELHI: In a landmark ruling, the Supreme court has directed the Indian cricket team to create fresh email-IDs with immediate effect. This comes after IYER, the”Indian Yassociation for Email Regulation,” filed a petition claiming that Indian email IDs were vague and misleading. IYER wants all email IDs to begin with a ‘descriptive special character.’
In a tersely worded two-volume judgement, the court has directed the cricketers to use the character “_” (underscore). For example,
YuvrajS@bcci.con will change to _YuvrajS@bcci.con
Assuring the media that the changes would be “minimal, but significant,” IYER chairman Mr. Iyengar gave examples of special characters that had worked for other professionals:

|    Plumbers
^   Vegetable Vendors
}    Florists
%  Civil Engineers & Govt Auditors
;    Haemorrhoid Physicians

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