KOHIMA: Intrepid inventor Ramar Pillai stunned the scientific community yet again as he unveiled a gadget which is clearly the holy grail of Computer Science. Called #okia, the compact 8’x3’x1′ gadget easily outsmarted human interrogators in the initial trials. To activate the machine, the user simply punches in a 10 digit numerical code and waits for the question answer session to begin. The gadget employs voice recognition technology and delivers clear audio responses to the questions posed.

Background: Mathematical genius Alan Turing had predicted that by the turn of the century, scientists would build a machine so intelligent that people would think it was actually a human being. For decades, computer scientists struggled with the design, and finally in the 70s, two promising prototypes emerged. Sadly, one consumed large amounts of alcohol, developed a memory leak and became a born-again Christian. The other ran on a polymorphic personality algorithm and took donations from Chinese Buddhists. Both were treated as embarrassing failures.

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