"BJP Nahin, EJB"

"BJP Nahin, EJB"

(jdk 1.2.1, Swing included)

NAGPUR: What do BJP ideologue Govindacharya’s ‘Study Leave’ and NIIT’s e-certification course have in common? A two year duration? Sahi Jawab! It is reliably learnt that BJP ideologue Govindacharya’s real reason for going on ‘study-leave’ is to catch up on some Java and related technologies like XML, EJB, ASP etc. Speaking on the condition of anonymity, Mr. Khurana said, “People in the party are just not taking him seriously… so he is fed up and wants to explore alternative career options like joining a start-up or something like that. Mr. Naidu has already sent him a bunch of emails recommending some training institutes in Hyderabad.”

Insiders say that Mr. Govindacharya can write bug-free HTML code and adds Meta-tags like a Chanakya. There are wild rumours that he can find out just what you’re thinking by reading your cookies. e-Parivar members are understandably jubilant to to have Mr. Govindacharya on their team. “Govindarcharya’s swadeshi applets will make these stinking multinationals look like a bunch of hello-world programmers”, they say. Legend has it that once Mr.G boots up his PC, no site is secure.

These startling revelations have sparked fresh speculation on the exits of Sushma Swaraj and Uma Bharati as well. Sources say that the ladies have already staged walkouts at several corporate GDs.

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