icebergBANGKOK: Karachi based don Chhota Shakeel appeared somewhat melancholy after a squad of hitmen failed to eliminate arch-rival Chhota Rajan in a shootout at a Bangkok apartment. Sources say that the Karachi dons went ballistic after Chhota Rajan registered the domain name in a brazen attempt to wean away customers from Shakeel’s popular bhai portal,

Cop-alerts are vital to a growing business

Cop-alerts are vital to a growing business

“Rajan is a cybersquatter, and we’ll make him pay his hafta. Our website was getting 5000 new hits per day and now we get a measly 1700. Clearly, it is time for us to order some new hits,” says Shakeel. Cyber-savvy Rajan is quick to dismiss the typo-squatter charge: “Arre dude, its not my problem if the average Bhai thinks there’s just one ‘h’ in chhota. Besides, our site is much better than Shakeel’s anyways. We’re a one-stop-shop for all the underworld’s needs – right from guns, mobiles and Raybans to guns, mobiles and genuine Raybans.”

Rajan may have a point. While Shakeel’s site only offers standard features like free email and chat, Rajan’s site offers free blackmail with WAP-enabled cop alerts. The site also has other features like:
ChhotaChat (128-bit encyrpted bhai-chat),
ChhotaRat (informant search engine),
ChhotaLoan (secure transactions for movie finance) and
ChhotaFavour (B2B interface for supari deals).
New ideas like B2B supari are revolutionizing the underworld by bringing down costs. “Its making life much easier” is the common feedback. The site also features fun contests like NachBasanti! where Bhais can win the dancing rights for an unwitting moviestar.

Rajan evinces a keen interest in technology and believes that the future is in smart devices. “Lugging a PC during a cop-chase or a shootout can be a bit annoying. The future clearly lies in Chhota devices like cellphones and smartguns. A Bhai without a mobile will soon be an upwardly mobile Bhai,” he predicts.

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