Aerial view of Bihar (file photo)

RAJGIR: A medium sized asteroid hurled into Bihar in the wee hours of monday morning, bringing much needed relief to a state with the highest per capita misery in the country. According to official reports, an unending human struggle against grinding poverty, caste violence, police brutality and omnipresent corruption has now been replaced by a very large crater. The state’s premier spouse Mr. Laloo had a miraculous escape as he happened to be outside the state at the time. Describing the event as the worst-ever setback to his political career, Mr. Laloo has called for a state-wide Bandh. An emotional Mr Laloo reportedly offered his services to the rest of the nation, but the PM has warned him against provoking the various secessionist forces already operating in the country.

More Investment Likely
Touring the asteroid hit state, the Home minister said “This place actually looks much better after the impact. I am confident we can start attracting some investment now”. Several industrialists have expressed similar sentiments, pointing out that Bihar has always been very rich in natural resources and now there would be no people to get in the way of real development.

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