Chetan Braggart: Bolly, isme credit nahin hain daali!

Aamir Cannes: Arre baba, why ask for credit when I haven’t even read it?

Chetan Braggart: Bolly, isme credit nahin hain daali!

Aamir Cannes: Chetan, you’re being greedy for publicity. Don’t be that way. Be a true artist…. learn from me… I crave nothing more than unemployment and obscurity. The success of QSQT totally ruined me… which is why, as everybody knows, I’m on this heroic quest for anonymity. I wear disguises and disappear from the public gaze until the media accidentally (and somehow, unerringly) discovers me. You should really try it out. Just wear a disguise and disappear for a while. Now is a good time actually.

Chetan Braggart: Spare me your BS. Btw I don’t need your publicity. I’m already fabulously famous. I’m India’s most read author after ML Khanna for IIT JEE Mathematics.

Vinu Vidhu Vici: Media people, stop covering Chetan. He is an evil man and more importantly, not a celeb. Also media, shut up.

Arnab Grosswami: WTF! I mean, WTF!!! How dare you insult the media! Apologize Mofo!

Vinu Vidhu Vici: Sorry media.

Arnab Grosswami: Abjectly, grovelingly! And this time with your mouth full!

Vinu Vidhu Vici: Sorry media. I behaved like a jackass on live television. Even my kid said to me, “dad, how could you be such a jackass on live TV?” etc. etc. Sorry media.

Arnab Grosswami: Hmm… that’ll do. Anyway thx Vinu, I badly needed to vent – and there was no Ravi Shankar Prasad or Manish Tiwari or Pak military on the show today.

Vinu Vidhu Vici: My pleasure Arnab. Now media, here’s the scoop of the decade: I paid Chetan full advance! I paid that man full bonus!

Chetan Braggart: Listen dimwit Balika Vidhu, I’m not talking about money. I’m talking about credit. Not screenplay credit, but story credit. Btw media, did you know that Vinu thinks you’re all semi-literate morons? Shit, I was so appalled when he said that… I don’t think you guys are semi-literate at all. Anyway media, don’t be Forrest Gumps playing ping pong. Just read my book and watch the movie. You’ll find that 3 Idiots is 70.0126% based on my book Five Point Someone.

Aamir Cannes: My point exactly… 70% of FPS =  3.5 Someone… it’s a totally different book! LOL weak joke, I know :D. Btw thx for promoting my movie x0x0x0. I heard your book’s sales have massively surged too. I won’t be buying a copy though… Reading is not my scene… pages are non-reflective surfaces.

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